LRU: Bounty Hunter
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If the game freezes, just click inside it (games can get unresponsive if you click elsewhere on the page).

Ziva, a famous and mystical bounty hunter, is called upon by the United Republic to help out in the Typhoon System. But upon reaching the system she encounters Dash, a treasure hunter from her past. Dash and Ziva set out to discover the secrets of the Obitum, an ancient and extinct race of aliens. But Ziva and Dash aren't the only ones looking for the lost Obitum city! Play through a new story with Ziva in this action platformer RPG hybrid. Everything has been improved from the previous game: All new enemies and levels, a remastered retelling of the events of LRU Hunter, all new skill trees and abilities. Have Fun!

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LRU: Bounty Hunter
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